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Questions and answers.

What are the benefits of the Potrimpus UG?

We know each other well in the former East Prussia. By working with our Polish partner Dr. A. Bauknecht, we have accurate country knowledge in today's Warmia i Mazury and about current real estate offers. Dr. Aleksander Bauknecht is a lawyer and speaks fluently Polish and German. This is particularly important in order to be able to handle the necessary legal formalities in Poland competently and cost-effectively when acquiring a property.

On which legal basis

is the acquisition of a property

in Poland based?

The legal basis for the purchase of real estate in Poland is essentially based on the Act on the Acquisition of Land by Foreigners of 24 March 1920. In connection with the accession of Poland to the EU, the acquisition of property for foreigners had to be regulated afresh. The Polish legislature then revised the existing legal provisions. The current version was adopted on February 20, 2004 (Gazette No. 49, item 466) with adaptation to applicable EU standards (EC Treaty). In the case of the acquisition of agricultural land, the legal provisions of 11.04.2003 (Gazette No. 64, item 592) on the design of the agricultural system must also be observed. The law regulates their acquisition.
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The purchase of real estate in Poland

is in principle problem-free!

Many people have the desire to live in the former East Prussia, e.g. in Masuria, a holiday home or a second apartment or to move completely into a house in this beautiful landscape. This is easily possible. 2211/5000 In the context of the accession of Poland to the EU, the acquisition of foreigners had to be re-regulated. The Polish legislature then revised the existing statutory provisions and left the obligation to authorize German and other EU foreigners in the purchase of Polish real estate in principle. However, Poland has allowed transitional periods until May 2016. Every EU citizen and thus every German can easily acquire land, a holiday home, a second home or a different residential property in Poland. The necessary public-law approval of the Ministry of the Interior in the past has been omitted for EU foreigners. Non-EU citizens, on the other hand, are still required to obtain approval from the Ministry of the Interior. There are special regulations for agricultural and forestry areas. Before purchasing a property in Poland, it is advisable to always check the local land register in order to clarify important preliminary questions regarding the owner, burdens and type of land. The purchase of real estate in Poland is not divided into the obligatory purchase contract and the settlement transaction by Polish law in the Polish real estate law, as opposed to German law. Both are carried out in Poland by a single transaction, the purchase contract, which requires notarial authentication. The entry of the owner change into the land register has only a declaratory effect. Notwithstanding this, the Polish land register and its registered contents unfold public faith. Also in Poland, property of companies such as be acquired and held. An official authorization for the purchase of the property by a company, which is particularly relevant for agricultural land, may also be necessary if it is a Polish company. Polish real estate law evaluates the acquisition of a property by a company as a purchase by a foreigner when these are controlled by foreign (natural or juridical) persons, e.g. by holding a majority stake.
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What services

can we provide?

On request, we recommend solid and inexpensive craftsmen and architects for repairs and construction measures, allow property valuations to be assessed, provide necessary or desired Polish insurances and house workers as well as security services for periods when your house is not inhabited. If you do not use your house all year round, we can connect with professional holiday house renters.
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Aleksander Bauknecht