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Art Nouveau building.

in Olsztyn, the capital of Masuria.

5,800,000 see below! 3,470.5  m² 880 m² No. 024-22 back back Contact Contact
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Object description One of the most famous and striking buildings in Allenstein at Kopernikusplatz next to the also renovated former government building in number 3, is for sale. Already in 1905, when it was built by the then owner of the cement factory, Max Hesse, whose initials M.H. you can still see in the corner cartouche of the house, it was thought to be the most beautiful and most representative building in the city. Innovative solutions, an elegant interior and the extraordinary neo-baroque façade with a hipped roof and a beautiful tower helmet made the object interesting for the then-honorary fees. Here, the first president of the Gevernment of the region Allenstein, Wilhelm v. Hegel, and General Friedrich v. Scholtz, who had distinguished himself during the Battle of Tannenberg, resides. The building consists of brickwork and is registered in the monument register. Renovation The renovation work was carried out in the years 2012 - 2016 under the supervision of the local conservation authority. The restoration has used traditional historical materials. A lot of effort has been made to save all original parts - wooden doors, railings with Art Nouveau ornaments or the elaborate decoration of the gas lamps that characterize the building. The rosettes and stucco work restored after the iconography give the interior spaces a unique character. The ornate façade and carpentry inside have recovered their cream color, which was discovered in petrographic investigations. The floors in the corridors have black-and-white ceramic panels and hang on the ceilings between the ornamental roses lamps in the Art Noucveau Style from the beginning of the 20th century. Purpose The building is intended for commercial use - as office building with comfortable and large rooms (14 m², with the possibility to adapt and connect them to your own needs). There is a reception area and parking spaces (263 m²). The new owner can use basement (551.05 m²), ground floor (552.65 m²), 1st floor (507.40 m²), 2nd floor (507.07 m²) and 3rd floor (468.91 m²) , the cubature is 11 520 m³. Because of the renovation work the historical distribution of the rooms has been restored and the original riser has been preserved, it is possible to arrange the individual floors also closed for residential purposes. Media There are connections for water, electricity, Internet, municipal central heating, alarm systems and fire protection systems with the possibility of monitoring the building via signaling facilities and alerting the fire brigade; Elevator. Location The building is located in the center of Allenstein/Olsztyn, opposite the Landratsamt, in a busy square with roundabout and a road leading to the main station (600 m), is therefore well-developed for commercial purposes. Price: 5.800.000 € Total area: 3.470,5 m² Number of rooms Basement: 12 rooms, 2 bathrooms, technical room, social room (551, 05 m²) Ground floor: 12 rooms, 2 bathrooms, reception, social room (552.65 m²) 1. Floor: 9 rooms, 2 bathrooms, conference room (507.40 m²) 2nd floor: 11 rooms, 2 bathrooms, social room (507.40 m²) 3rd floor: 10 rooms, 2 bathrooms, social room, tower room (468,91 m²) Year of construction: 1905 Last renovation: 2012 - 2016 Ground area: 880 m² Buyer's commission: 3,57 %
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